The protohistoric village of Incoronata, 8 kilometers inland from Metaponto, will be the subject of an upcoming volume in The Chora of Metaponto series. This will be the comprehensive publication of the site, which has figured prominently in discussions of early Greek colonization in southern Italy since its discovery in 1971. ICA’s excavations (1977–1978) covered a large area of the hilltop site, recovering evidence of a variety of structures and archaeological materials: the native Oenotrian in the 8th century BC, the huts of the early 7th and the rectangular structures of the mid-7th century, and a unique example on the site of an early-6th-century BC Greek sanctuary. The study will present the history, archaeology, and systematic study of some 33,000 finds from the site, tracing the phases of its development with drawings, photographs, and detailed architectural reconstructions.